Thursday, January 12, 2012


Thursday January 12, 2012 - current temp. 12 degrees ~ windchill -7.

The first "real" snowfall of Cedar Rapids is in progress. I have found out these winds will literally blow the snow right through the fine screens on the Screened Porch...{{not used to this!!}} All of my fabric cushions and furnishings and throws out there are covered with snow....sigh. Live and are in a different part of the country, Southern girl.

When it looks like this outside....and you can hear the wind whistling around the corners of the house...and see the snow blowing horizontally....

It's time to grab a sweet treat.... *Peanut Butter cupcakes with Cocoa Frosting!

make a mug of hot tea...

grab a favorite book ...

AND wait for my youngest peep to text me that he made it to school okay since I let him drive in this mess, and he neglected to DO SO!!!! mama hen's feathers are ruffled... comforting myself that we only live 2 miles from his school.... (*anyone ever heard a mama hen growling??????) GRRRRRRRRRR... ....boys!

Hugs to all popping in...Old Man Winter has taken his time - but I think he is rolling in with a vengeance...

*and a "By The Way" closing ~ if you ever wondered....what do furry family members do after they have gone out and run chaotically in the frenzied snowfall???? They come in and settle down for a long Winter's morning nap...

Have a warm day wherever you are...{{checked in where my Marine is out in the field training today and saw it is to get near 60, and my other peeps have temps in the 50's....(NC) wow...I can only say...Get Ready...The winds are blowing your way!!

** post note ~ 11:00 am - DA peep texted "I made it. :-)" ~ um...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! ...some days it's tough being a mama....


Anonymous said...


Did you know that your blog title caught my eye instantly?
It's because that's the quote I left under my photo in my highschool yearbook for graduation! Life is what you make it!

thanks for reminding me of that!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

stop by for coffee sometime!

Tete said...

Oh Julie, my boys are the same way! Grrrrr- ing with you!
Welcome to our northern winter wonderland...but it will change and come and go, so just wait it out.
We have warmer temps coming in here in 5 days, hope you get that, too.
Yeah- that sideways snow is the most fun can blow in a vintage keyhole- you might want to keep your duct tape handy and some old rags. LOL
I had to shut the bedroom door today to get my nap in- to keep all the critters out.
Be careful with the white outs. You don't need much snow if its blowing to have no visablity.
You need to learn your way by counting telephone poles- and trees. Anything tall.
Pack a survival kit in each vehicle and an extra blanket.
Coffee can, candles, crackers, energy bars, socks, gloves, flash light, matches or lighter, and a hat.
You can melt snow in the can with the candle for water.
We throw a bag of cheap cat litter in there for traction if you get stuck- an old rug works better if you have any a round. A small shovel to dig out with.
If you do get stuck- and have your car running- get out and make sure the tail pipe is clear of snow.
Keep a full tank if possible and only run the vehicle long enough to get it really warm and then shut it off.
Keep a full charge on your cell phone!
If its bad and you don't have to go out- stay home!
Stock up before it hits on your groceries and toilet paper!
Next year, put plastic up on your porch screens to help block that wind and will make a big difference coming in every time!

Big hugs and so sorry about our northern weather! Think spring!

Julie Harward said...

Hi Julie, I think I miss your posts once in a while because you don't have a followers button here, if you did, it would show up on my dashboard feed.
Loved this post, the yard is beautiful with the snow. I have a red checkered bow on my cake dome...I think snow is coming, I hope so, the farmers around us really need it. I want some too, it's been a strange winter here. That book looks wonderful along with the cup cakes! :D

Anonymous said...

Boy, do those dogs look cozy!!! I LOVE that photo! Know how you feel about that delayed text message. Sometimes I worried more about my daughter driving home from UNCC on the the highway at night in the rain, than I did about my son deployed in the middle east! Moms love those three little words - "I made it."
In Jesus, Paula

Lisa notes... said...

That's some real snow. We got all excited today to see some flurries. ha.

Those texts of "Made it!" are invaluable, yes? I know exactly how you feel!

Privet and Holly said...

Welcome to my world!
Although truthfully,
it's much worse there ~
we still have nothing
but a faint dusting on
the ground!!!

And don't get too worried
about life with snow. You'll
adapt quickly, as your fur-babies
seem to have done : ) I wish
I'd seen their first romp in this
snow ~ I bet it was funny!

Love & Hugs,
xx Suzanne

Theresa said...

Oh dear, that is a bunch of snow;). I know it is pretty! Stay safe and warm;). Trying to get caught up on visiting tonight! Big hugs and prayers galore!!!

Lili said...

I see we're on the same wave length between the fresh snow and the cupcakes. Oh the things we discover about snow. Here's something to know about when the temps get below'll often hear loud bangs and pops from the wood expanding and contracting. First time I heard it I thought someone was trying to break in...haha! You're so cute when your Mama hen feathers get ruffled a glad to hear the text came through though! xoxo ~Lili

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Aww the puppies on the bed are so adorable! Love that photo.

Well it's finally freezing cold here. It was in the 20's this am and we a few little flurries. The sun is shining now but it's still cold (about time if you ask me).

Joyce said...

I absolutely LOVED the picture of the dogs! lol! We are expecting snow today and the next couple days. Nothing like you will be getting I am sure! How is Cameron adjusting to the new school and area? Hope all is going good! I want you to know how much I appreciate your encouraging words and love that comes with them. You are an amazing friend and I love you too!