Monday, January 23, 2012

Merry Monday and Kam the Man

Another Monday has arrived...Is time flying as fast for anybody else out there as it is for me????

It's Merry Monday - time to gear up and get that smile occurred to me that maybe...possibly...perhaps...sometimes you might give out a smile and NOT get one back! Uh-oh...Me thinks maybe they need a leeeeetle bit of help. So just follow the gutsy efforts of our little friend below. Just goes to show, if we try hard enough...we can get a smile out of any body...!! :-)


I am a merry mom today. A moment of grace from any visitors I hope...I just want to say how P*R*O*U*D I am of my youngest peep! This weekend, he showed this to his dad and I...

This guy has studied so hard and committed so many hours late into the night trying to do well and earn good grades. When he first started school here, I knew it would be more than a challenge. Going from a lifetime of schooling at home and in a more relaxed style and schedule... to a more rigid classroom style with 7 classes, and a strict schedule of studying with oodles of homework was not an easy adjustment for him when he first flew out and started school. Add on to that all the other changes and adapting he had to take on and this mama was just praying MUCH for him every day.

Kudos to you Kam. You have DONE HARD THINGS!!! You inspire and motivate me. RAH!
Stay Strong! Finish Well...and as your Marine brother said..."GOOD MAN!"

A personal post of praise to my son.

To all who happen to drop in today...have a VERY Merry Monday. Keep those smile muscles flexed... Hugs to ALL!

"A merry heart does good, like medicine,
But a broken spirit dries the bones." ~ Proverbs 17:22

* * * * snowflakes falling on my sidewalk...


Theresa said...

Way to go KAM!!!!! I know you and Kurt are so proud of him! All of the changes and still making those great grades!

Have a Monday filled with loads of smiles, smiling here too:) HUGS!

Sandy said...

Well, you certainly should be proud of Kam! That's just super! He deserves something special now.
I love the picture!
It's another dark rainy day here in NC. Ugh!
xo xo

Dianna said...

SO proud of Kam! He had the hard things facing him and he took on the challenge! Thanks so much for sharing how the Lord has answered prayers, Julie!

And love our little girl pal at the top of the post! I guess you know where that picture went. :-) I'm going to start a new board entitled 'SMILES'. ;-)

I'm almost ashamed to tell you this because of the snowflakes falling on your sidewalk, but it is 56 degrees here today and the sun shines now and then after a night and early morning rain. I'm sure the snow will make its way here in time.

Hugs to you, Julie dear.

Lili said...

Alright Kam!! That makes me proud too and I'm not even his Mama. hehe Thanks for the chuckle, that top pic was so funny! xo ~Lili