Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy Weekend..

Oh my the weekends just seem to fly around here. They are like a pilot doing a "Touch and Go"! (Ever seen the pilots come in and touch down with their landing gear on a ship or an airstrip, and then take off right back up into the air???)Friday evening sweeps in and then before I can turn around, Monday morning is showing itself. The weekend is good and gone.

I shopped yesterday for groceries, bought items for Justin's FIRST GOODIE BOX! and then ran home to put it together. I gave it a green theme since it will hopefully get to him around ST. PATRICKS DAY...give or take a few days. Dollar Store helped with some fun stuff and green crinkly shredded stuffer paper. Sent him a St Pat card. For fun, I included a green whoopie cushion, and some green silly/goofy string. Justin is somewhat of a clown, always likes to have fun and joke. He will have fun, (hopefully not get in trouble!) :-) Lots of food items and snacks, and muscle milk. (hope that makes it with no leaks.) The main item in the box was his solar charger for his ipod. Kat ordered it, but It didn't arrive in time for me to get it to him when we went to Jacksonville.

I wish I could see his face when he opens the box, but I just want him to know the immense love that we have for him here at home base. He has our utmost respect and admiration. He is our hero.

The next box will be the shipping on this one will not be affordable every time. I'll go broke! I will let his siblings add to the next one.

I got to walk an old Sheltie and a baby Sheltie last night(petsitting client) Now that's a challenge. one slow, and one grabbing the leash and wrapping around my feet and jumping all over the place like Tigger the Tiger. fun! :-) too cute.

This morning I met with my precious Military Mom sisters in our prayer support group. Oh what a refreshing, encouraging, uplifting group of ladies. They are awesome! I always walk away from there feeling Justin is so covered in protection. Not because our prayers are what is giving him the protection. We know it is God's Hand. But it is just very nurturing and grace-giving to sit and listen to others pray such beautiful prayers and Scripture for all these honorable military people out there spread all over the world, ( AND for the ones who are over them as leaders)
This group is a rock in my life right now. :-) as Many of you in bloggy land are!

Well, the sun is still up, there's more work to do, and I should get to it!
God bless you all .


Julie Harward said...

How fun to send him a package, and yes, it is costly but he'll love it! Cute little dog, a mini Lassie. Glad you can be part of the mom's prayer group, I can imagine that it would be very comforting. Have a good Sunday too. Come say hi :D

billypandnikkysmom said...

I bet hell love his box!!! I always put some funny/silly things in Billy's, it always makes him laugh! What a cute pup, such a sweet face :) Hope that you have a peaceful day, God Bless!

Theresa said...

Well dear Julie, I have been at the ballfield all day and just got to sit down and read blogs:) I am happy to hear that you got you first box off. Ask for military flat rate boxes and they don't cost as much as the one shipped by weight:) I love it that you get support from the Military Moms Group. It sounds like just what you need to keep you going. Hugs to you dear friend!

Georgia said...

Oh, my goodness. Amber sends a care package to one of her friends who's in Afghanistan. They were both in JROTC together. Erica was able to sign up for the Army, but Amber wasn't due to her eyesight. However, Amber sends Erica little care packages every 4-6 weeks. Amber includes all kinds of goodies, too, and Erica enjoys it. I'm sure Justin will love his you send him, too.

God bless you, my sweet friend!