Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cherished moments, Crushing hugs, and a Big load!

First of all, a most most grateful hug and huge Thank You to any of you who whispered that prayer for me yesterday. I felt your empathy and love. We pulled back into our home base in Charlotte at 2:30 am this morning. A long day, a long drive, but worth more than precious gold... every single second!!

Our time with Justin was just great. Kameron and Jonny and I got out to LeJeune and picked Justin up, stopped by the chow hall so he could get one of their "AWESOME" wraps for Jonny and Kam to taste. (they ARE REALLY fantastic) and headed out to see a movie. (ended up Shutter strange) Then we took in a delicious meal at Cracker Barrel and just talked. It was all good. Thank you.

We headed back to the base to drop Justin and get some last items. They had Staging at 5am this morning. (where they all line up and families who want to be there to wave ...can) I will not list all the logistics and times, as this is the internet, but they will be on their way today. Thanks for your prayers.

I had told Justin we would be happy to store a bag for one of his roommates. All rooms were to be bare. (renovations going on during their deployment) Ladies....That one consent somehow turned into what you see below,along with some legal papers to mail to some family. wow...

It is our honor, our privilege, and our pleasure to do this for these honorable Marines whose homes are too far away to get these last items out. My Marine gave me a warning as he loaded the last one into the van. He told me that at some point, having taken these belongings into my home, it might present a burden that I would not have wanted to deal with. I understood what he was saying. I nodded. It was enough.

I stood over all these bags and items this morning and prayed that each of the lives represented there in my little kitchen would come back safe and sound to retrieve their own bags. God bless them. God keep them. God grant SUCCESS to the 1/2 and all the other units over there..... AMEN and OOO-RAH!!

So...this is the life of a Marine mom. We too are a platoon of committed warriors. The praying kind. We are the fierce protectors of these do-or-die fighters. In our hearts we do battle every single day. And we desire victory just as much. They are no longer ours. They belong to Uncle Sam right now. But more than that, they belong to God. And that, is the ultimate peace giver to us as moms. The powersource available from that Heavenly Commander is out of this world ...excuse me,...stinkin' explosive. God is in control. May they all remember:

And to ALL of you Military Moms out there, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Reserves, National Guard, all of you.... I remind you and myself this: Our God is a BIG GOD!!! turn your loved one over to HIM every morning, and then you.......

Semper Fi. God bless you ALL!


Joyce said...

You brought tears to my eyes. We tend to forget what the families go through. I am praying for those young men with you! May God bless them all! xoxo Joyce

Dianna said...

Good morning, Julie,
Thank you for such a touching post. I'm so glad that your time was so special with Justin...especially after your being sick so much of his time at home over the weekend. God is so good the way He gives us those special moments to remember...things tucked quietly away in our hearts for when we need them most. You are in my prayers, my friend and well as your family and Justin.

Thank you for stopping in today...and thank YOU for your prayers for me yesterday. With all that was facing you yesterday...and to think you were praying for me...that's what makes you so special, Julie.

Take care...we are having sunshine here today! YAY!

Julie Harward said...

Oh Julie...this made me cry! You have been in my thoughts and prayers...I believe all that you said...God is in control, we need to all remember that as we live in this CRAZY world! Take care and keep up those prayers..may peace and calm be your very best friend. Come say hi :D

Theresa said...

Oh Honey, I thought about you so many times and prayed for all of you! I know it was sweet to get to see him again before he heads out to take care of business. It is precious time that you will always have. Great that you are holding on to personal things for those whose family lives far away. I know that their families are extremely thankful.

We will pray them all home:) My Preacher said that to me one Sunday when I was blubbering on his shoulder. I will never forget him saying that to me.

We are here for you and together we'll all get thru this part of our lives. Take care of yourself and yell if you need us!

Hugs and many prayers for you, your family and your Justin!

GardenofDaisies said...

I kept trying to finish reading this post through teary eyes and finally had to just get up and go get a kleenex. Thank you for what you are doing to help those boys. Did you see that post the other day about the teams of women who bake and send cookies every month for the men in the armed forces? I liked that idea. It's something I can do. said...

Oh Julie, I am reading this with tears in my eyes. God bless you to be able to handle this. I do pray for your son and all of the other men and women in the military every night...and sometimes during the day too:) They are a special breed to be honored every single day. They keep us safe, as well as others, and make life easier for so many - so selfless. And for that every single person in the US and other countries should be thanking them. And you and other parents and family are to be thanked also. I thank you. You are a very wonderful woman:)God bless:)
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billypandnikkysmom said...

Julie, I was thinking and praying for your son Justin and the entire 1/2 and all of our military & of course you.
There are so many days that we have heavy hearts and worries and fears but we go on for them, go on is what we have to do & yes our God is great and He is strong and He will protect our boys until they are home again...
Semper Fi Marine Mom Warrior!

Cindy Lou said...

My Dear Friend Julie! I have thought of you so many times today and Prayed for you as well!! I know how you feel this very moment!! And as my sister Ganky said we will pray them home!! Well you just take care and as you know...God is in control and has his hand upon our boys and knows just what they need as well as what we all need!! Semper Fi Marine Mom!!! Blessings from Georgia!!

Manuela@TPOH said...

This made me cry. That was lovely of you to store all those things. I'm sure they and their families are very grateful. God bless and keep you all

Hugs to you,


Theresa said...

Hey Julie! It had nothing to do with you, my profile for some reason wasn't showing the email address... I fixed it but here it is:)

Hugs and Happy Friday!

Dianna said...

Good morning, friend,
Thank you for stopping by today. I was happily reading down over your comments and when I came to the end the tears just welled up within me as I thought of Justin and where he is today. Praying for him to this point has been in preparation for is so different. Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for him in a whole new way today...and for you, a Marine friend. Many hugs are coming your way.

Georgia said...

Oh, Julie... You brought tears to my eyes. I'm so proud of our military. They are the best!

Again, please know you, your family, and Justin are in my and my family's prayers. God is the Holy Commander and I know He will keep watch over them day and night.

God bless you, Julie!