Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Again????

Today: A mix of snow and rain will fall from early morning through the day, as temperatures remain stuck in the mid 30s. A changover to snow will finally occur by evening before ending around midnight.

Oh my blogging sisters... I just realized that I have passed my one year anniversary, over 200 posts, and here I still am...blogging away, and having met so many wonderful gals in Blogland. I went back to see what I blogged about a year ago on March 2nd. S-N-O-W!!! hah...And here we are looking at a wintry mix for today...one year later.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. It is a daily joy. I hope you will continue to visit when you have time, for I love your company and support and encouragement.

Today, just because....here is my post from one year ago. A repeat. - or should I say a re-post! *And Praise the Lord, Justin finished boot camp, and became the Marine he was called to be*

March 2, 2009

True to the weather forecast, the snow came. It started during the church service last night, and so we let out early.... I got to drive home in a dreamy shower of white falling in the darkness, which only accentuated its beauty.

The kids and dad (who is from Michigan!!, don't forget) enjoyed it, getting out and having a snowball fight. I came out to get a few photos, hopefully having a few decent ones to send to Justin at Parris Island.

I couldn't help but think of a quote our wonderful pastor at Christ Covenant Church, Mike Ross, used in one of his latest sermons. "Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they all stick together." (author unknown) And then he added his own words, a mini-sermon in itself...

"Each one of you, like a snowflake, is an individual masterpiece of God's creative genius, but you're fragile alone...but when you stick together, you cover the earth with the glory of the Lord, like the snow that comes down and covers everything. That is why we will do what the Psalmist says. 'From generation to generation, we will praise the Lord, and we will tell of His wonderful works in us.'" (Mike Ross from Generation Next 2-15-09)

If we as children of God, will not fall prey to the voice of our deceiver who tempts us to think,

"What can I do?...I'm just one person in a huge world that is full of overwhelming troubles..."

If we can do what the Psalmist says, and lift our voices together, share with each other and send a united message all over this earth, telling of all the wonderful works God has done, is doing, and will continue to do over HIS world, think what might happen!

And so, - I blog. It's not much, but it is my fragile little snowflake, adding on to many other sisters' snowflakes, blanketing the world of "the Internet", blogging about what God can do, when we all praise the Lord. Encouragement is contagious!
Catch it, and Pass It On!




Theresa said...

OOOOOHHHHH, beautiful snow, but enough already:) I am so happy that I met you and your sweet family! Congratulations on a year, my one year is today:) The years go by quickly, don't they? Enjoy this snowy day my friend! Hugs from /georgia!

GardenofDaisies said...

Julie, I hope you don't get too much more snow! Spring is right around the corner!! I heard birds singing this morning when I got up.. after this cold snowy winter, it sure was a lovely sound to hear.

Dianna said...

Good morning, Julie,
I hope that today you are doing even better than yesterday.
Thanks so much for stopping by this morning and leaving such a sweet and encouraging note for me. You asked if I felt as though I was the luckiest girl in the world as a child. Actually...I did. When I share about my parents (tomorrow's post) I will go in to that some.

And I really enjoyed your post today, my friend. It got me to thinking about how long it had been since I started...January 11, 2008. The majority of that time I just blogged for the interest of family and close friends. Then in January of this year I started following one blog and as I would read the comments I would click on other blogs...and, well, you know how that goes. I ended up meeting so many wonderful ladies...I'm so thankful for His great plan and how He has connected you and I. Hope you have a great day.

Georgia said...

I'm hoping you're feeling better today. Great post and congratulations on your 1-year anniversary in the blogging world.

I also want to thank you for stopping by yesterday with your encouraging words. You knew I had been feeling blue, but I know you didn't know why, which proves to me God placed it on your heart to share an excerpt from the book "Strong Women - Soft Hearts". Nothing could be more fitting and boy howdy did I cry and cry. So thank you for encouraging me. You're an angel. :)

God bless you, Julie, today and everyday.

billypandnikkysmom said...

A year already!!!! It really does become a part of your daily routine & just can't wait to see what everyone has done and what they write about! Congratulations ~ Keep on Blogging!!!!