Monday, March 22, 2010

Met Monday...

I haven't done a Metamorphosis Monday in quite a while, so thought I'd do one today.
I'm joining Susan over at:

Last August I found this cute vintage wooden chandy. It was showing some wear and tear, and the arms were all loose and falling sideways, but I thought it had potential! was only $5 at the little thrift shop. Well, as happens to a lot of finds that involve some work by Da Man, I put it in the closet, and waited for a good time for him to re-work it to be a ceiling fixture, instead of a plug in.

Well, that time came in February. (hmm..6 months, not too bad) :-) My sweet hubby wired it into the ceiling, then put a bolt-hook in the ceiling away from the actual wired site, so that the light could be centered over the table. After 17 years!!!!!, the light in that little corner will finally be OVER the dining area.

Oops..forgot to take a pic of the old fixture while it was up.

I found some red crystals on ebay for CHEAP! and a red jeweled bead strand @50% off at Hobby Lobby. Shades - Olde Time Pottery. And I didn't paint the chandelier at all. (well, I did spray-paint the candlesticks black) I liked the character it had with the worn places. The jeweled berry garland I used for a cord cover, I already had. And there you have it. A new look for lighting for under $25.00,... and the worker who did the installation ???? I kept him!
Thanks HON! :-) And the icing on the cake is...Kurt said he liked it! Yes!

After getting the kitchen set below painted black and the seats recovered, the black chandy just fits in so much better than the white one...don't ya think? :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit with me today. It was fun to tell about a cheap change in our cottage here on Woodberry!

Go visit Susan for more posts about a metamorphosis!

And just for you.....Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Woobie giving his Best Impression of Justin sounding off....... "RAH!!"

Have a blessed day wherever you are and whatever you do! Please, would you take a moment to ask God to bless our troops with divine protection and overwhelming success? I thank you with a most grateful Marine Mama's heart.


Theresa said...

WOW, what a beautiful chandelier! I love it and agree that the black looks so nice about the table. Great job on adding the jewels and Da Man is Da Man for doing all of that work! Have a blessed day my friend and I am praying for our Marines!

Anonymous said...

Julie I love the chandy you did good my friend!!! I love black paint the boys say I paint everything black (not true sometimes gray!)they say we have two 275 gallon oil tanks in the basement one for oil the other 275 gallon tank for black paint!!! They exagerate, I think. Of course we are praying for our Marines. nancy settel (I don't know how to do this any other way than this.)

billypandnikkysmom said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!!! That turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! Loved'll have to stop by here and help me craft something BEAUTIFUL ;) you know I am a softie for for that pup Sounding Off...go right on up Mr. Pup & place your front paws on the yellow "feeties" ~ hope you had a great day!!! God Bless & praying always for our Marines!!!

Dianna said...

Hello Julie. I'm really slow about getting around to reading and leaving comments today. I've had a bad fibro day. I'd hoped to get some extra posts made today for the future but my thinking wasn't clear enough to really concentrate...anyway....just wanted to stop by and tell you that I so appreciate your comment you left for me today. You are ALWAYS a source of encouragement to my heart, Julie. I appreciate you!

Praying for Justin and all of the other military personnel. May you have an enjoyable day tomorrow!

Janean said...

stinkin' awesome! the new thing is color *crystals* on the're so hip!

Prairiemaid said...

I love it. I want it. And red is just my color. LOL

It really is pretty.

Praying for our military stationed around the world.
Have a great week!

JOE TODD said...

I think six months isn't bad at all LOL.. and love the 50% off at hobby lobby. I was there last week myself

Georgia said...

Beautiful light fixture, Julie! You and my sister-in-law should get together. She is one of the best at turning trash into treasure.

You should know that Amber, Joel, and I have prayer time together everyday and we always pray for our precious troops. Amber has friends from high school who are in the service and overseas right now. We always include them and Justin by name in our prayer time.

I pray you are doing well. Take care and God bless you!