Thursday, March 11, 2010

thrifting just defines F-U-N.

Arrrrrggggghhhh!!!! I officially have caught the same stomach virus that my 16 year old had last weekend. sick.sick...ughh. This is getting old! I finally got up...**almost noon**...oh my goodness!! AND TODAY IS KAMERON'S 16TH BIRTHDAY!!! oh my sometimes this mama feels beat up. First I was bedridden with Vertigo on Justin's last weekend home before deployment and now I am down and out like a limp dishrag on my baby's birthday.
DRAT!!! I promised him I would make it up to him, bless his heart. (Kam is my one that rolls with the punches though, so he's so kind to me.)
This post was already composed at the end of February, just adding on more to it in drafts, every couple of weeks....Instead of doing a thrift post every week, (cause I may have nothing to post!!!!) I usually combine so I am going to post it since I don't feel like coming up with a new post for today....
Everybody have a great day and for gosh sakes ...stay well.
Wouldn't a phone call from AFghanny just be the best recovery medicine EVERRRRRR?

A post with some thrifting finds from January, February, and March...

Finds mean Treasure Hunting....Treasure Hunting means Fun!

Join Leigh here:

(for me to read to my future GRANDKIDS! - hoping!!)

These last photos were my most recent finds.

The tag on this said "mini-chandelier." There were only two of them. It said $1.00!!!??? WHAT???
awesome cool!

One went here in the birdcage:

The other one went here on top of the floor terrarium:

Want a full view shot????? Can you see the little birdie Theresa sent me on the tassel???

This white jasmine vine was .50 at the little thrift. I thought it would look lovely draping the hutch.

I got excited about this one. It was 1.99 at the Salvation Army store. I knew exactly where it would land! It's 3-D and sticks out from the wall. :-)

This large bundle of silk pink flowering dogwood branches was 2.00 at the little thrift. I love it. A little bit of Spring landed in the living room corner! Wish I had a real pink dogwood.

That's all. It was fun shopping, and fun sharing about them. Thanks for visiting my cheap thrills post today. :-)

It helps keep me even busier while waiting to hear from Justin, my Marine.

Things seem to be quiet over there for the time being. Thank you all who are praying for our troops in Afghanistan.
Thanks for saying a prayer for me to be back up and going strong in the next 24 for my Kam's celebrating. In the meantime, sipping my Ginger Ale and staying in bed.

Thanks Leigh, for hosting such a fun event.


Theresa said...

I just went and checked to see if you were OK:) We know who we can count on! I am sorry you aren't up to par today, my honey had it over the weekend and he is NEVER sick. I will pray that you have a QUICK recovery!

I love all of your thrifty finds. Oh my dear, LOVE those tiny chandeliers. Precious. So many pretties. Love the Eagle most:) Hey, I keep you and your Justin on my mind... We actually heard from our Justin from an in between here and their final destination so perhaps you will also. Hugs and prayers coming thru the computer!

Julie Harward said...

You have lots of cute thing! Now get well...I hate the stomach flu bug...agh, get well! Come say hi :D

Dianna said...

I'm sorry you are down and out again, Julie. Sure wish you weren't. But I'm praying that you will soon be up and at it again.

I'll be praying you hear from Justin soon. I know how that would not only cheer you up, but it would also relieve your mind a bit.

I loved your post today! Great finds. That lamp and shade are absolutely my FAVORITE thing! And I loved the little bunny tray that you have on the lower part of the wall in one of the pics. I love fact, when I do my post today there will be a couple of bunnies in it. I'm just a little slow getting started today. Air pressure changing is doing a number on my muscles...but this too shall pass.

Take care my bloggy Sister.

Many prayers and hugs coming your way!

Marmee's Pantry said...

You know...all your cute stuff would just fit perfectly into MY house! '-)

Also, tell your handsome Marine that I have 2 incredibly beautiful, godly, fun, SINGLE daughters for him to meet anytime he's in Ohio.

PLEASE feel better! And when the day comes, have a great b-day celebration w/your son.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

billypandnikkysmom said...

Well now I am sorry that your aren't feeling good and on your baby's birthday :( Here is a great big hug for you (((((((((((())))))))))))

I loved all of the treasures you have found on your "hunts"!!! SO BEAUTIFUL, I especially loved the picture of Justin in his Dress Blues...very handsome and yes I am crying right now...Marines in Dress Blues do that to me, awwww heck Marines in Cammies do that to me! You have a great night and get better!!! God Bless, prayers going up for that sweet Marine & for you too ~ Happy Birthday to Kameron!!!! Many Many More :)

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Bless you, I hope you are feeling better! You have found some AMAZING finds!Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday and sharing this week! I hope you will come back to visit me soon. If you haven't already, be sure to enter the giveaway.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Tales from Bloggeritaville

Dianna said...

Missing you my friend and sister! Surely do hope that you are just busy, and not still ill. I've been praying for a momma's heart who misses her Marine.

Much love and many many hugs coming at you,

Dianna said...

Awww, Julie...I'm sorry to learn that you are still fighting that virus. Wish the headache wasn't so bad, but it does seem to be something that accompanies this stuff. I can't to get warm today, which is unusual for me. Maybe I'm just having "sympathy pains" for you. :)

Overall it's been a good day though. When we got this new computer I lost my ability to continue with the same price list that we used previously for our sharpening business because Windows 7 won't accept the old stuff and Microsoft Office doesn't have the same templates as our old system! However, I was determined that "we shall overcome"...and thanks to the Lord giving me a calm spirit this afternoon I was able to sit down and conquer! Everything is on the hard drive now ready to print out! Made for a happy hubby when he got in this evening. :) That is always a good thing. ~wink~

Hope you get to feeling better up!


Dianna said...

Awww, Julie. Thank you for the very sweet note you left me. You are always an encouragement to me. And, yes, when we all begin sharing our hearts and the daily life happenings in our lives He uses us to spread joy and encouragement to others. Isn't being salt and light just the most gracious thing He gives us to be?

Georgia said...

Awww. I'm sorry you were sick again, Julie! I hate to hear that. Well, by this time, I'm hoping you're doing better.

You do have a lovely home. Thank you so much for allowing us a glimpse into your humble abode. :)

Love to you and God bless!