Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two Essential Ingredients...

Today I am just feeling the need to write this down.

Life is a journey. The longer we live on this old planet, and the further we get down the road in our travels, the more we learn about what the true meaning of L-I-F-E is. For those of us who know the Lord, it is so much easier. It is not easier in the context of a comfortable and carefree life. By no means. A Christian is called to "pick up a cross daily." If you understand that word picture, as it was played out in the life of our beautiful Savior, then you know we are asked to take the Hard Road.

I believe that every single one of us will have a "different" cross we will be asked to pick up and carry daily. And it may change through the different seasons in life...or not. It might be the same cross to bear throughout your entire journey here.

Jesus Christ was asked by God His Father to come to earth and lay down His life in order that any of us who believed the Gospel truth about that sacrifice...would be saved. We will rise again from Death. We will go to our eternal destiny which is Heaven...our real home.

I believe.

Not because I can prove it to you. Because I have a faith given to me that IT IS SO!

Don't ask me to deny what I know in my soul. You'll have to kill me. And then...I will know my faith was secure. I WILL be in Heaven.

That being said...I want you to know that all of you out there who believe this with are simply beautiful sisters. Woot! We may not spend time together here and now, but we sure will in heaven. Can't wait!

So why am I writing this here in my personal little blog today? Because I believe that of all the ingredients that are mixed together in our daily walk here on this earth, the two MOST essential ones that can NOT be left out are....FAITH and PRAYER. The final product will NOT be what it should or could have been if you leave these two out of the recipe.

Faith is believing in what you can NOT see. What you can see, you do NOT need an ounce of faith for.

Prayer is our pipe line to the ONE whom we know is in control of our lives and is listening to every word we bring to HIM, because HE CARES! (and that takes faith too!)

This is what I want to post today. It is my testimony. It is my life. It is what I stand on, and when my little corner of the world gets shaken, it is what holds firm for me. I am still standing after the rattling stops. I thank God.

My mom had a mild seizure Thursday night. She has been in a battle with cancer since '95. Yeah, her doctor calls her one "tough lady". But then...her name is Zoie, which means life in Greek.

We found out that the cancer has spread once again. Breast, lungs, vocal cord, pelvic area, and now, brain. She has already begun as of yesterday at 5 pm ...a regiment of 12 aggressive radiation treatments (whole head) to try and slow down OR eradicate the masses so that she will not lose the use of her left side and her vision. (she lost her left peripheral vision on Thurs. nite, but some of it had come back by last night, after steroids) PTL!

I don't know where all of this will go, but I know my mom will go out swinging. She is a trooper in every since of the word. She loves life, and has never, ever thrown in the towel. She is inspiration to many many people...especially others who are fighting this horrible beast of a disease.

We love her. We hate to see her suffer, though she just keeps on smiling. I would ask you...(if you have gotten this far... :-) .... to please add her to a prayer you might whisper on any given day...when you think of her, maybe when you are praying for Justin, our Marine in Afghanistan...if you are already gracious and kind enough to be doing that. Her journey is in God's hands. I thank you, all of you for the sisters that you are, though miles may separate us.

I will be hit and miss for a little while. My dad is also having hernia surgery in less than 2 weeks so they will need us a bit more than normal. But I am still visiting!!! I may not have time to comment everywhere, but I will try to keep up with you ALL!!, and praying for your prayer requests.

Thank you all. Good friends in life are TREASURES. We are so rich in this life.

God is good....all the time ....GOD IS GOOD!

Thank you for prayers lifted up for our honorable military fighting to preserve our wonderful life over here, and to help others who can only wish for it.


Mari said...

You truly are an inspiration and a great example to us all. Thank you Julie for sharing such great words from your testimony. I experienced faith and prayer just in the past few days again...and it is real.
Praying for you during this time with your family's health, and your son's safety as he serves our country.
Have a blessed weekend.

Dianna said...

What a special special post, Julie. Thank you so much for sharing your faith in such a precious manner. I am so sorry to learn of your mother's cancer. You know I will definitely be praying... I am amazed at how the Lord kept you on my heart all day yesterday and again this morning and that the Holy Spirit already had nudged me to be praying for strength for you. Yes...God is good!

Will add your mother and dad both to my personal prayer list...and continued strength for you.

Please take care. Many hugs!

Theresa said...

Oh Julie! What a wonderful TRUE post! I am so sorry that I didn't know about your Mom. Perhaps you had posted about her before I started following you. I WILL put her on my prayer list and keep her there. What a tough lady to go thru so much and keep a smile. I know it breaks your heart to see her in such pain. My prayers are with you all my dear friend. Take care of yourself and all those you love:) Your Georgia Sister!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Very beautiful post! I am so sorry to hear about your mom, I lost my dad to colon cancer, he was only 47 years old, it was heartbreaking to watch him slip away from us so fast, but I know that he is in a better place and is always with us! Take care of yourself, praying for your mom & also for your dad! God Bless & hugs to you!

Cindy Lou said...

Such a touching post!! I am so very sorry to hear of your mom!! It is so hard to watch your parents suffer!! I will surely add her to my prayer list and your dad also. We surely understand you in and out...You take good care of your parents!! Blessings from Georgia!!

Georgia said...

What an amazing post, Julie! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. And, rest assured... I will be praying for your mom and dad and I will also add them to my church prayer box so my whole church family can hold you all up in prayer.

Although my faith wavers from time to time, my faith is never completely lost because of my own personal belief in what the power of prayer can do. I believe... No! I KNOW our Father God in heaven can rain down healing power upon your parents!

I cannot begin to express to you how much of a blessing you have been to me, Julie. You've held me up in prayer when I was too weak to stand and you've also encouraged me with words I know God has placed upon your heart to share with me. Please know I will be here for you as you've always been there for me. I mean, that's what sisters are for, right? Love you, Julie, and may God richly bless you and yours... today and every day!! *huge hugs*

JOE TODD said...

Julie, a very powerful post. I will certainly be keeping both Justin and your mom in my prayers. Essential ingredients for life Faith and prayer so true. Possibly another ingredient is meditation. I have often thought of prayer as my message to God and meditation as clearing a channel so a closer contact to God can be established in my life. Just got back from spending a weekend enjoying nature and God's great outdoors.

CACHANILLA73 said...

You are a great inspiration to Me, and now I know where you get your strength. I'll be praying for your Mom and your family, as well for your Marine, I know you have many, many blessings, still I wish you more.