Wednesday, March 3, 2010

White Wednesday...of course!

FIRST THINGS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE! My daughter Kat found this for me at the local Harris Teeter grocer. She loves me! (am I the last one to get it?????)

Another White Wednesday. These parties that Kathleen hosts are just F-U-N! It is enjoyable to check in and see what other gals have that is white. SO many shades of white. So many ways those items are used and set out. And white just goes with EVERYTHING! Go join in and see if you don't get hooked like me to visit every Wednesday!

Here's the link!

This is a Craig's List find. Oh was I excited to find this. I have been hinting to my hubby that I wanted a mantle for our dining room (no fireplace, just faux) for a couple of years. He has great woodworking skills and tools , so he could build me one. But it has just NOT been a priority, ya know? So many other things have been occurring in everyday life that make a faux mantle seem SOOO unnecessary. Not needed.

But still...every so often I would peruse Craig's List and just watch. And last week...there she was. I told Kurt I about peed my pants and I couldn't type fast enough to see if it was still available. (cause it was only $25. which is a very VERY good deal.) I have priced these babies at Habitat for Humanity and seen others on Craig's List that cost SOOOO much more.

It was available, YES! and I set up a time THAT day to go grab it. It was pulled from a historical district house here in Charlotte, that was being demo'd. The gal said she had moved it twice and planned on using it but just hadn't gotten around to it, and now she was moving to VA, and just needed to get rid of it. Her loss,....My gain! Yippee.

So here is my main event WHITE today; my long awaited Mantle to go on the dining room wall. Now I have a place to hang the Christmas stockings where they won't have to be moved every time we burn a fire between Thanksgiving and New Years...( so that they won't get singed or damaged by sparks.) When this gets installed you will see another post, I can guarantee you that! :-)

*a little spoiler here, see the backside of that piece of furniture the mantle is propped against in our storage facility...errrr...garage??? That is a future metamorphosis post. :-)

While I am sharing about Craig's List, and Whites... Here is a very utilitarian find waiting to be installed. We have one of those white porcelain-clad sinks in our kitchen. It has gotten a number of dings in it and we needed to get another. (too expensive right now) Craig's List. Score!! $20. It is in excellent condition and came with a good faucet/handle and sprayer. This one is cast iron though and OHHH so heavy.

This week, I am loving Craig's List. How about you??? Have you found any thrifty deals on Craig's List lately?!

Here is a vintage mirrored tray, (a little dilapidated, but full of character from being well used) - Goodwill - I gave it a shabby hit-and-miss single coat of white spray paint. It found a home on the living room coffee table. :-)

Do you (as much as me) like the little etched white bird on this nest cloche? :-)

How about a wheat-white colored neck roll with multi shades of blue embroidered flowers? (salvation army for .99!!)

This is the partner of another white candlestick I have posted about earlier. I finally got this one out of my closet and made a "nesting" display this week.

Long may she stand. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

See the little tattered cotton slip hanging here? It has been in the back of my walk-in hanging on a hook on the back of a detached door for sooo long. I finally worked my way to the back and dismembered it from said door and brought it back out for display... which it deserves. It is very special and sentimental. To understand, you would have to see these two photos from posts quite a while back.

The slip goes with this christening dress and these shoes. It goes back at least 3 generations. I was blessed to get them. (I saved a while to frame the dress.) It was rescued - wrinkled, stained, yellowed and ripped from my grandmother's attic. I bleached it myself in my tub, because no cleaners would risk dry cleaning it, it was so fragile.

Last contributor to this week's Whites: this sweet little shabby sign. Grabbed from the Clearance aisle at T J MAXX. This was like a final deep reduction day, evidently. Most of the items ranged from .79 to 1.99. (wow better than Goodwill) I adore the saying, for, as you know...this house loves dogs. It rests on the shelf in the corner of our kitchen where all the collars, harnesses, and leashes hang.


Thanks for stopping by!!!!! It's always nice to have friends visit.
Go say hi to Kathleen and see some beautiful and inspiring Whites.

**When you are reading this post, I will be out at Camp LeJeune, seeing my most cherished Marine off to Afghanistan for the next 7 months. He flies out tomorrow. Thank you ....any and all of you who would choose to remember Justin, and all of the other sons, husbands, brothers, sisters, wives and daughters of bloggers who are fighting for our wonderful free lifestyle over here, gifting us to daily wake up to peace in a country not torn apart by war.
I guess I would like some little prayers whispered for me to be able to hold it together as I give him that last hug for quite a while. Thanks to you all. Your sincere caring is quite dear to me.


Miss Gracie's House said...

What a sacrifice you are making...and I will remember you and your marine! May it be a sweet time...
WOW...$25.00 and it's old, too! Awesome deal!

Bella said...

Julie, The dress and tiny shoes are so Beautiful, what a true treasure! Bella

BailiwickStudio said...

I've been there too - my son is in Iraq right now. I'll add Justin to my daily prayers.

Your mantle is gorgeous! I'm afraid I never have much luck with Craigs List - either buying or selling. And no, you're not the last one to get Flea Market Style - I still don't have it!

Happy WW! ::Jill

Tallulah Antiques Closet said...

That was a great buy! For only 25 bucks, cant even find a bargin like that at the flea market..

Dianna said...

What a wonderful post, Julie! The mantle is absolutely gorgeous and to think you only paid $25 for it! The history behind the house it was taken from is probably worth more than that.

Talk about history! The gown, slip and shoes are a very precious part of your own history. I know you treasure them greatly.

Thanks for stopping by today and taking the time to write such an encouraging note. I had a wonderful childhood...and I truly understand how blessed I am.

Praying for you and the family. Hope Kat was able to go along with you and Jonny as you take Justin to LeJuene.

~hugs to you, my friend~,

My Shabby Roses said...

Wow, BIG HUGS to you today! What a hard thing for a mom to go through.
You scored pretty well on Craig's list. I've never really bought anything from Craig's list but I always have fun looking.
Great post!

Faded Charm said...

Looks like you've scored big time. I love that mantel. Can't wait to see it all done up pretty.

Enjoy your day,


junkdreams said...

Very, very pretty whites!
Happy WW!

Theresa said...

Wow, great post and I am headed back up to look again and zoom in on some of the pretties. Love that neck roll and the fireplace mantle has a design similar to mine!

Dear Julie, I will be thinking about you, praying for Justin AND for you! I know from experience that it is real tough on the Mamas and "Sweet Aunts":) Hugs to you as you see your Son off. I pray for his safe journey, safe mission and safe return to his precious Mama!

Hugs from your Georgia friend!

Betty Jo said...

How wonderful to have found the mantel for such a low price. I want one for my living room. The cheapest I've found has been over $100! This is my first WW and I'm so enjoying all the wonderful white posts. Your blog is awesome! ♥

Cha Cha said...

Oh you are a girl after my own heart. I too love craigs list and check out my framed slip here

Hope you have a great day.

Cha Cha

BTW I love all your stuff

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Love the Mantel & Love the Christening gown under Glass ~ the little shoes under the dome are So Sweet ~ Great Photos of White, thanks for sharing

Amy said...

i love the cloche with the baby shoes great display!

Anonymous said...

My first comment disappeared! But want to tell you keeping your family in my prayers.
Love your great finds and bargains.

When I am not snowed in I will again be watching classifieds.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Give your son a peck on the cheek from all of us. Girl!! You really scored on that mantle. It's fabulous!! I bought an antique one that is in my bedroom (no fireplace) and I just love it. Craig's List is where I got my chicken coop aka a child's hand made outdoor playhouse. It was perfect for what I was looking for and the people even delivered it! HWW

Angie said...

I have found some neat things on Craigslist, too. Your mantle is just beautiful and what a great deal! You have such a sweet blog!

Hugs ~ Angie

Julie Harward said...

I love that mantle...and the dress..what a treasure!!! :D

billypandnikkysmom said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!! I LOVED THE Dress!!!!!! That mantle is just TDF :)....gonna' go look some more! Thanks for sharing, have a great night ~ God Bless!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You paid HOW MUCH for the fireplace mantle?????? That's all I can write right now...I have to go and check Craigslist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Gret score on that mantel! I wish I'd find some great things on Craig's List but it never happens to me (thank goodness for Goodwill)! The gown under glass is pretty!

I finally picked up a copy of that magazine a few days ago. I still haven't seen it every where.


Georgia said...

Julie, you and your son have not been forgotten around here. In fact, I even marked it in my day calendar of when he's leaving so I would remember. You and Justin and your entire family are in my prayers, and from me and my family to yours, I'd like to thank you and your entire family for the tremendous sacrifice you all make every single day. :)

You remind me so much of my friend Alice. She is the best I know to find diamonds in the rough for pennies. I can't do that. Not sure why, but since I can't, I always turn to Alice for help whenever I'm looking for something in particular. I can always count on her to find it dirt cheap.

Thanks again for your inspirational and encouraging e-mail. Not a day passes that I don't thank God for bringing you in to my life.