Friday, March 19, 2010

Da Man.....

It's hopeless.....I am stuck like super glue to this man...or maybe gorilla glue!

This man...I sure do love him. Here I am hanging on to him. He is everything to me.
When I am weak, he is strong.

When he looks back over his days, and sees the treasures hanging on his tree of life ...I want to be his most treasured ornament...I want him to feel that I was of a great value to him in his personal journey. Even "far above rubies" or any other riches he might have hung on his tree had he gone a different direction. I want to be worthy of that cherished position.

The older I get and the more I reflect on our walk together, the more I know how much he has loved me. He has stuck with me through thick and thin (literally) and in between! :-)

He has put up with me and my hobbies and numerous requests...building me chicken coops, tracking down 100 pound bags of wood shavings for the pens, installing fencing around the yard for my doggies, putting up with rescued foster dogs coming in and out on their way to a new forever home, having kitties rubbing all over his legs,building furniture... building garden boxes, and arbors and welding shepherds hooks and obelisks, hauling in mulch, and gravel for paths, and big rocks for landscaping, building a treehouse for the kids, installing an irrigation sprinkling system and hooking it up to an old well on our back property installing the pump himself... adding on a 3rd bath so that our daughter could have her own private bath away from her 3 bros...Installing wood floors in our house, wiring new outlets and fixtures... and so much more.

And these days he keeps track of Justin and the Marine Corp news for me.

And then there is just putting up with... and trying for years to figure out....ME! Kurt is SUCH a good listener.

I think men just want to understand us...the complicated, mysterious, pink-thinking, emotional, ever-changing our minds talk,talk,talk creatures that we are. They really want to make us happy, they just never can quite figure out the one formula that works every time in every situation so they can say they have conquered the challenge we are...and oh how mind boggling we must be to them.

And, I am testifying that I love this man. He is my #1 treasure. He completes me. We fill each others gaps. I thank God for him.

I close with the quote over on my sidebar.

"She does him good and not evil all the days of her life" Prov. 31:12
The greatest gift you can give your husband is the gift of lifting his name and his needs before the throne of God. Prayer for your husband releases the energies of God, for prayer is asking God to do what you cannot do." Elizabeth George da man. Love you F-O-R-E-V-E-R!



Mari said...

Awwwwww...sniff, sniff. You have an awewome man. Thanks for this post to help us all remember our guys. I'm sure loving you, Julie, is easy for him to do!
Love the lips blowing the hearts btw. Cool pic.

Have a blessed weekend.

Cindy Lou said...

OH Julie...As you are feeling so lucky to have him...he is just as lucky to have you!! The love that you two have shows even through your blog!! I love all the pictures!! Blessings from Georgia!!

Theresa said...

Precious Man and I can see why you love him so much, and I know HE LOVES YOU just that much too. I love my husband just that much and we are the perfect match. I am looking forward to meeting you both one day. I pray that you will continue to enjoy each other every day for the rest of your lives. Happy Friday my Friend! Hugs and prayers for all of you!

Georgia said...

Awwwwwwww... how sweet is this? What a precious man and I know you love him so much! I can imagine how much he feels blessed to have you as his wife and I'm sure you're just as blessed having him as your husband. I'm so happy for both of you!

I pray you're doing well, Julie! God bless you!! *huge hugs*

billypandnikkysmom said...

What a handsome husband :) Loved the picture of oh hubs tracking Justin & The Corps, so sweet :) Have a great night, God Bless prayers for all of our boys!

Dianna said...

Julie, what a beautiful, beautiful tribute to your husband! It was just such a blessing to read your post and view the pictures...could feel the love you guys have for one another right through the bloggy screen!

Thank you so much for the comment you left today. You are SO good for me, you know. We think SO much alike that it amazes me at times. Being changed from glory to glory is what this life is all about and I'm glad He has seen fit to put us in together.

HUGS my friend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loved your words of affirmation for your husband. Monday is our 31st anniversary! Wow, that's like forever, LOL.

I laughed at the part about your daughter getting her own bathroom. I had 3 brothers and shared with my parents and the guys. Oh, what a blessing your daughter received with her own bathroom!

Have a blessed weekend!

CACHANILLA73 said...

What a beautiful post Julie, how blessed we are, I do have a wonderful man too, and we complement each other so well at the point that we finish each other senteces or say the same phrase at the same time, so amazing and precious those moments are. I keep your Marine in my prayers.


Katy Lin said...

adorable! :) what a sweet tribute to your hubby, and a great reminder for all of us!