Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yes, You Guessed It Already! Didn't YOU?

I got a 5 minute phone call today from a cafe on Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan.

Justin is doing well, eating the best chow he has had in his entire Marine career, and sleeping well. They are ready to get active though. He says it's a big sandbox.

He will call back tomorrow when he can talk longer. He said for someone to be standing by the phone!

Oh how good it was to hear his voice. Just got a happy mama sittin' here. :-)

And to top it all off, Kurt was doing all of his major searches about the 1/2 and found this picture in an article about the day the 1/2 shipped out.

He yelled and told me to come see. Guess who we recognize???? ( I spy.....)

Actually to be more to the matter, GUESS whose dimple we recognized in the back of his head?

YES!! It's our Marine. That is definitely Justin's 3rd dimple I always am telling him I love when he has his head shaved. Course it's his profile, but we all laughed because it was the dimple that we noticed first!!!! And Justin is always the one helping load no matter what. He always volunteers. We had to wait forever to see and speak to him at Camp Geiger after Graduation from School of Infantry because he was inside the bus going to LeJeune loading up all the gear. He was soaking wet with sweat it was SOOO hot. (end of July)

Love that honorable Marine!

Just letting everybody know that has been praying for me to get that call. THANKS!!! HUGS!!!!


Julie Harward said...

Ohhhh, I am so happy for you! Awesome news Julie, I know how that thrills your heart! I see his eyebrows in that pic too alone with the dimple that you would know. A great saturday! :D

Dianna said...

PRAISE THE LORD for answered prayer, my friend! I'm so happy for you! I just finished reading your post to Carroll so we are both rejoicing with you! Seeing the picture is exciting, too!

Now will you rest well tonight or be too excited from talking to him today and knowing you'll get to do it again tomorrow?

Love and hugs coming at you, dear Julie!

Georgia said...

Oh, Julie, I am so glad you got to hear from Justin. What a great blessing to you knowing he's just fine and eating well. I'm so glad for you.

God bless you, Julie, and again, I'm happy for you!!

Theresa said...

OH MY Julie, I am so happy for you! It is the best feeling to hear his voice! I am praying for him and you:) When our Justin was at Camp Leatherneck, it didn't seem to be bad at all. They had a sandwich shop and Justin would go get a wrap there. He will be adjusted soon to his home away from home. I am proud of him for volunteering to help. He is a great Son and a great Marine! Hugs to you my friend, my heart is happy because YOUR heart is happy:) I hope you are feeling better!

billypandnikkysmom said...

OH YAYYYYYY!!! I know you are smiling from ear to ear :) so happy that you got your call, I loved the flag with the rainbow behind it! You know when Billy was down @ Parris Island the SDI used to take pictures every day and his wife would post them at night for all of us to see...we used to look for the ears and the scar on the back of Billy's head :) I could pick that boy out in a second!!! Have a great night, so happy & I know you'll be standing ready by the phone! God Bless!!

Joyce said...

So happy prayers were answered and you talked to Justin! I know you must feel better!!! And I loved the photo's from the past you posted on Friday! I love old pictures! Have a great week! xoxo

Cindy Lou said...

Hip Hip OORAH....I LOVE those phone calls!!! That is the most precious sound!! I am so happy for you and yes...They do call it a big sandbox! They eat, breath and sleep sand!!! It blows every where!! I hope you get another call soon!! Prayers are working!!

Dianna said...

Hello there, friend,

Been praying for you today...missed seeing you around the world of blog.

Praying that you got the call yesterday from Justin...and praying that you have also recovered from that virus.

Missing you,

Janean said...

so happy he's doing well and CALLING HIS MOM! good son. :)

Dianna said...

How good to see your smiling face looking at me and leaving me notes again! You are such a special lady, Julie...I treasure your friendship.

I was praying for you this afternoon as I was doing the ironing and somehow I just had a feeling that your purpose these last few days has been to stay BUSY.

Thank you for your prayers for me on Thursday. Carroll has already taken the day off and will be taking me. When we finish there, we are going to go and have fun for the remainder of the day so I'm looking forward to the day. There is a reason I call him Strong Heart much of the time!

Take care...