Thursday, March 18, 2010

In The Land of Far, Far Away....

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you WHEREVER you go."(Joshua 1:9)

Before Justin left the US, he asked us to purchase a decent map of Afghanistan so that we could at least try to keep up with the activities going on in the different regions and provinces of the country. And so I the Map Store here in Charlotte.

This map is posted in our Dining Room on the wall, where Kurt has his laptop station set up. He reads and peruses and searches for any information and news about what is happening..of course even more so about the 1/2 and the entire Marine Corps.

The sand...ohhhh....the sand...~!

In this pic you see the little marker CL for Camp Leatherneck. It is in the Southern province of Helmand. That is where all Marines check in and get processed and acclimated to the new location before their units move out to their FOB. This is where he has been for the last 2 weeks. We believe that he has left this location, if what he said yesterday in his phone call did indeed take place.
They have moved out.

What you also see in that pic is the distance between that Base, and the city where the main focus of the USMC mission has been taking place the last couple of months. Marja. The Marines have had great success in getting the insurgents out and then cautiously and carefully trying to clean up all the IED's and booby trapped messes they left behind there for the locals. It was not an easy task by any means... very dangerous....and some gave all.

In this next pic, you can see the distance between Marja and the city of Kandahar, marked by the large red dot to the right. (Kandahar is also a Province east of Helmand) This is the area that will be the next huge focus, according to Washington and the Commanders-In-Chief of the Military Forces... It is already being riddled with terrorism and activities and car-bombings by the insurgents. This city, I have heard has a population of up to 800,000 people. It is a large area. You can see the stretch of desert lands to the south.

In this last pic, you see a D for Delaram. This city is in the province of Nimroz, west of Helmand) The Marines are reportedly constructing a large base on the outskirts of this town that will have two airstrips, an advanced combat hospital, a post office, a large convenience store and rows of housing trailers stretching as far as the eye can see. By this summer, supposedly more than 3,000 -- will be based here.

All of this information has been in the online news reports and of course in the network news. It is public information. There are no secrets or security leaks posted here...just as a precaution to any who wonder if I may be committing OPSEC violations.

Please continue to pray for all of our military troops in all branches who are in this land, far far away from home. They do what they do to protect our country from having this same terrorism invade our borders. They believe in what they stand for because they know all people deserve to have life, liberty and a country free of oppression. They are heroes. Stand up for them. Cheer for them.. Write to them... PRAY FOR THEM.
Ask God to give them victory in their fight for justice for all peoples.
God bless them. God cover them. God intervene on their behalf and the ones they are helping.
Thank you. This Marine's mama appreciates you!
Thanks for your prayers, and specifically for the boys we mention often...Justin, Justin, Billy, Jeff...and so many others. Thank you.

And I sign off for today with every Marine's favorite Marine. Lieutenant General "Chesty" Puller. His record of earning five Navy Crosses for valor has never been matched, nor has his place in Marine Corps history as one of the finest combat officers ever. Justin's favorite quote:

In the meantime, we Wait.....and Hope....and PRAY...and some of us watch! :-)


Dianna said...

Julie, my friend,
Thank you for such a special, special post. The news of what is taking place in Afghanistan has taken on a more personal meaning because of Justin being there.

Many prayers go up for him daily here at our household and in our well as prayers (many of them) for you, Kurt and Justin's siblings.

Thank you, Marine Mom for keeping the faith! You are an encouragement to all of us.

Hugs and prayers,

Theresa said...

I love your Marine too! Thanks for showing the map and all the cities. I watch and read and keep up with what is going on over there,too. I hope you get to talk to him soon and you can count on prayers from this little lady in Georgia. I appreciate all they do and thank God each day for their safety! Have a blessed day my friend!

Joyce said...

That was a great post... very informative. My favorite part was the dogs watching for him. So sweet. Justing is in my prayers! xoxoxo

Prairiemaid said...

It was indeed a informative post. I think many of us, when we hear the news do not take the time to assemble the pieces together. Looking at your map does that!

Love the pictures of your fur kids waiting and watching. And of course, everyone loves Chesty!

The boys were watching the A-Team the other night and the foes were coming after the good guys. Someone told them and they said, "good, that saves us from having to find them." It reminded me of this quote about being surrounded from Chesty.

Have a wonderful day, Julie. Remembering Justin and all our service men & women in my prayers.

Julie Harward said...

Thats good to have the map..the more informed you are, I think there is less to fear maybe? So sweet with the dog on watch and with that hat! We pray for our brave troops continually! :D

billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh I love you and your Marine & those silly pooches watching & waiting ~ love the one with the cover on his/her head!!! Great post Loved all of the INFO I see all Marines families are the same...we watch, we track, we study, we research :) ~ have a great night! Praying for all of them, God Bless!

Amber said...

Awwww. Hi, Julie! I was stopping by to thank you for your encouraging words you left on my blog, but I see you have a Marine son in Afghanistan. I have three friends from high school in the Army who are over in Afghanistan. I worry and pray for them every day. I also send them care packages every month or so to do my part, though it's small, to help build up their morale. This is an unpopular war, as I'm sure you know, but my friends are my heart and my heroes; just as I'm sure your son is a hero to you!

God bless your Marine, Julie! I will add him to my list of military personnel I pray for. Thanks again for your encouraging words.


Dianna said...

Hello, my friend,
I know it is late, and I was really late getting my post up about the results of the biopsy. It was such a good day...and I'll let you read the details over at Bits and Pieces...BUT, I wanted to come and share with you first hand that everything was fine today. The results of the biopsy showed that it was indeed a viral thing, as the oral surgeon had suspected. I didn't realize what a beautiful word BENIGN is until today! Think I'll frame it somewhere...just another reminder of the measure of God's grace He so bountifully bestows upon us.

I have much on my heart to share, but will wait until later...maybe tomorrow evening while Carroll is out helping a friend cut down some trees. I'll be spending the day tomorrow with my mom.

Thank you SO much for praying for me and keeping me ever before His Throne. I do the same for you and your family...and that dear dog who so loves Justin. Those pictures in today's post make my heart ache right along with the doggie's heart.

Many hugs to you,

GardenofDaisies said...

God bless your son, Julie.

Georgia said...

Oh, Julie, this post is so interesting... even more interesting is how Justin wanted you to buy a map so you can mark almost precisely where he is. I read Amber's comment above and sure enough, she does have three special friends who are over there now.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Justin, you, and your entire family are in my prayers. God bless you! *huge hugs*

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