Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three or More Tuesdays

Joining Tam over here:

Every Tuesday Tam does a fun post for others to join in by posting 3 or more of something they would enjoy sharing with others.

Today I just happen to have 3 bunnies I thought I would post ....what with Spring and Easter around the corner.

Here's the first wee bunny. Just about 2 inches tall and .25 at the Thrift, I simply couldn't resist him with his cute self standing up.

Here's the second. A pair of lovey bunnies. I had been looking for a little mouse to set on this doorstop, but just haven't had luck, and when I saw this sweet pair at the Thrift(again) for .50 I decided that bunnies would be just as cute in this spot.

And the third was a picture. It is in a frame that is quite chippy, but I really loved the vintage print, so I got it. (same little thrift shop)

So there you have my 3 bunny Tuesday.

And just for simply sharing the last of a winter beauty....this awesome red camelia.
A gal who works in a ministry with me at church brought this to me Sunday. Such a lovely flower.

And alas.....


It's Tuesday! I'm off to work with my great and lively bunch of 3 year olds!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by. :-) Have a great Tuesday.


Theresa said...

Sweet little bunnies! I just love them... and to think they were from the thrift store:)

Oh, Julie, we sure do get to practice patience having those boys overseas. Not fun, but he will call and that you can be sure of. Have a blessed day my friend!

Cindy Lou said...

Love the bunnies!!

And I know all about that waiting on a phone call!! I promise he will call! If he is out on a mission it only comes once a week...but they do allow them to call!! :)

Enjoy your day!! Blessings from Georgia!!

Mari said...

Praying for that phone call for you. Thanks so much for stopping by to leave me a sweet comment, even if you aren't a grandma yet. You are precious for sure and will make a great one! Enjoy your day with the 3 year olds. :)

Dianna said...

I enjoyed your post today, Julie. I have this "thing" for bunnies...not sure why it is, but I just think they are the cutest things! And your bunnies are as cute as cute can be!

Still praying for your phone call from that Marine! I know it will come and I know it is hard to wait for it. God will prove Himself faithful to you once again.

Thank you for the note you left me when you stopped by this morning!

Hugs and prayers,

billypandnikkysmom said...

Cute little bunnies & that pooch with that face! So cute!!! I know you're waiting on your call, don't despair...rememebr know news is good news & when Justin can call you nkwo he'll be dialing you right up so STAND-BY :)!!!! Have a great night, God Bless!

Georgia said...

Loved your post, Julie. I LOL'd at the cat picture. We have a bunny. Actually, he's Amber's rabbit. It was given to her two years ago Easter by her uncle who raises them. He's solid black and we've named him Shadow. He's a cute little thing.

Thanks for sharing this. God bless!