Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Books Monday

Don't you find Old Books full of character? Just the text print, the illustrations, the old cracked bindings, and the wear and tear of some showing how much they were used?

I have a few I decided to post about.

But first of all, if you are popping in early enough, come sit down and have a very simple breakfast with me. I am eating healthy again...(yes, emphasis on again.) So have a cheery bowl of oatmeal and blueberries with me. NO sugar!! just honey to sweeten.

Let me tell you about some books in this house!

this one, Gone With The Wind, I was blessed to get from my paternal grandmother. dated 1936. I'm sure as soon as she could get her copy, she ran out and purchased it, knowing her. One of my favorite stories too. Just loved those swooping Southern belle dresses. hah, but those tiny little corset waistlines are "gone with the wind!"

this one, Wind In the Willows, also came from my grandparents old farmhouse when they moved. (dated 1933) I nabbed it. My kids loved reading these old stories.

On the inside cover is a map of the Wild Wood.

I love the illustrations! Does anybody else still read these stories to young ones?

Here's another. A Child's Treasury dated 1926 - from the farm,again.
A collection of poems, stories, music and lessons for children. Oh to be delicate with this one. It is definitely falling apart. Much used, ya think???

My future grandbabies will be the fourth generation to be read to from this book! :-)

Here's a "newer" one from the 50's. A find from Goodwill years ago. My boys loved reading this one. Actually Katie did too, I think.

Hmm, did the knights in these stories play a part in a desire to become a Marine...I wonder.......?

Again, loving the illustrations. - a lot of kids today probably would not have liked the "olde english" language and style this book was written in....but my kids did.

This little book, worn and warped and stained with use came to me via marriage. It was a copy my hubby had. The title says it all. It is written in a style difficult to read and I had to reread every paragraph the first few times I went through it in order to interpret and digest it all. But now, I have read and re-read it so many times since we were married 28 years ago (almost!) that I can swiftly read it. Every time I get to the end, I just go back and start over. Little portions at a time. It sits with my bible and current spiritual readings.
It is by a Monk, one of the most humble men that must have lived on this earth. Brother Lawrence. His lessons and letters are treasures for a lifetime....can never part with this book.

This book was written by my own paternal great grandfather, Angus Robertson Shaw. He was the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Portsmouth, Virginia.

It is dated 1902.

The dedication page states this:

To my affectionate Wife, whose gentleness and thoughtfulness and sympathy have been to me a source of constant inspiration, and to my dear Children, whose merry young lives have brought so much sunshine into my home. THIS VOLUME is lovingly dedicated.

How precious, because I do know my grandfather who was one of his sons. And truly he was a saint, and had such a dry sense of humor...always telling jokes to us. He must have been sunshine to his dad. :-)

I have never read this book. It is a goal of mine for this year 2010. It's about time, yes?

And my last choice for this post, is indeed a very special one. It rests in the barrister bookcase in the living room for safety. It was gifted to me from my mom. It is a grammar school reader that belonged to my grandfather's brother, Egbert Shaw. ( another son of the above great grandfather)

It is simply dated on the front cover, 1893. Life Of WASHINGTON. To the left lower corner you can see the words "in Words of One Syllable."

Ahh..the story of chopping the cherry tree...

You can bet that the stories in this book are not dumbed down, and contain the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the godly character of this honorable man who was our first president. So thankful to get a copy of this sentimental and valuable book. Thanks to my parents for passing it on.

Hope you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for stopping by and listening to me drone on about Old Books. How about you? Do you have any very special books in your home?

Have a great day, and thanks to all of you for remembering our military. Thanks for whispering a quick prayer for their safety and their success!!!! God bless you ..


JOE TODD said...

Your post brought back many fond memories

Theresa said...

I LOVE old books and have quite the collection here at my house too! I have many that are tattered and torn and even some with aluminum foil to keep them together. It is amazing how a book can take you back to your childhood and ones that you read to your children and granchildren... because they were read to you. I love Gone With The Wind too and could watch it over and over. I am not that way with many movies. Seen it once, done. But GWTW is different:) Hope you are having a wonderful morning and can I please have something other than oatmeal? Not an oatmeal kinda gal:) Have a blessed day my friend and I am praying for your sweet son daily!

billypandnikkysmom said...

I love old books, I love to look at them touch them, smell them, read special! I have an old school book here too, I'll have to dig that out and a few from my father's parents....I love all books, and I love to read & love it when I can get lost in a story....Thanks for sharing your old treasures, God Bless & have a great day!!

Dianna said...

Good morning, Julie,
I so enjoyed your post this morning! I have some old books here, too. I think I am going to dig them out (including my grandfather's Bible) and use them for "decoration" purposes. Old books help me to feel linked to another time.

Thank you for the quote you left me this morning. Someone could preach an entire sermon from that one quote.

You asked about my dental appointment for the removal of the place on my gum. When I saw the oral surgeon last Wednesday he went ahead and removed it then for the biopsy. They normally get the results faxed back to them in 7-10 days. When they get the results they will call me, set up an appointment and I'll go in so he can check to make sure my gum is healing okay and give me the results in person. So, I'm expecting them to call me sometime between Wednesday and Friday of this week. I'll be sure and post the day and time when I know for sure.

I finally got my second post up for today...about our exciting weekend. ;)

Hugs to you,

Dianna said...

P.S. We both had the same breakfast this morning! Loving it! And do you know that I have the same blue place mats as the one in your pic!

GardenofDaisies said...

Yes, I have lots of wonderful old books here. Books that were given to me when I was a child. Books that belonged to my grandparents... books that were given to my husbands grandmother.. I cringe every time I hear people talk about kindles. I love the children's illustrated books and the great map on the inside cover of TWITW!!

Julie Harward said...

I love old books too, it's easy to get lost in them. I love Gone With The Wind too. I used to want to wear dresses and big hoops like that until I sang the lead in The King and I and I had to wear them for 4 months...then I wondered, how did they do that! You can't get trough doorways and it's hard to sit...I'll take jeans any day! LOL :D

Dianna said...

Hey Julie,
I just found your comments about today's post about our weekend. I had to come right back here and share with you that what I'd TRIED to flush down the toilet was a little bit of a berry, when I heard the toilet actually flush (ahhh...what a wonderful sound! Who would have ever guessed THAT sound would be like music to my ears lol) and I went to the bathroom to do any clean up jobs that needed doing, I found Carroll standing in the door way and he said, " more flushing little dough boys down the toilet!" and we both burst out laughing!:) Thought you'd appreciate that. :)

Janean said...

I ADORE vintage books. I had an old "Gone with the Wind" and was surprised it was different than the movie (which i saw first). Did you ever read "Scarlett?" not vintage but a great read.

great post!!!!

Manuela@TPOH said...

I love old books too. My daughter loved "Wind In The Willows" when she was little. We still talk about it. Yes, all those sweet old books are still being read if you're a homeschooler. I don't know about everyone else.


Cindy Lou said...

I just took my first trip to an Antique shop today and I found so many old books in there that looked so interesting!! Loved your post! Have a grea evening...Blessings from Georgia!!

Georgia said...

Oh, I love old books, Julie! I have an old Webster's dictionary that was published back in 1945, I believe it was, and I have my grandmother's Bible that belonged to her grandmother. I'm glad to have it in my possession. You are lucky though to have "Gone With The Wind". I love anything GWTW!

It's a shame, but it seems to me books will become obsolete soon with the invention of the Kindle. I don't want one of those things. I like the feel and smell of a book, especially an old one, so no Kindle for me.

I pray you are doing well, Julie. I sure have missed you. How's Justin doing? He's in my prayers along with my church's prayers. You and your entire family are. :)