Friday, March 12, 2010

Operation Breakout!!!

I got my camera and ventured outside Friday afternoon with the pooches just to get a breath of fresh air and see what's happening ...having been cooped up inside with the sickness.

Seems the rain has helped usher in some fresh Spring previews. It all speaks of another new beginning. That's why I love favorite season of the year.

Does anybody else love these like me? Hellebores more commonly known as Lenten Rose.
They have a creamy white flower with just a touch of green, and also this beautiful rose pink bloom.

I think the jonquil must be EVERYBODY's favorite. It is always one of the first to bloom. They are just so cheerful.

This is an interesting shrub. The Mahonia has pretty little yellow blooms in the Spring and blue berries in the Fall. It has sharp sharp thorny sticklers on it. OUCH!

There's still a pop of Winter Red left on some Nandinas till Spring fully arrives. It's always nice for a bit of color in the drab grey Winter landscape!

Well, here's a little bit of nostalgia from going through past photos...

A picture of just one of our colorful hens we used to have right here in Suburbia. I think this one was Dusty. We had 7 or 8 laying ladies.

A sweet photo of Marine Justin - Big bro - lovin' up on Littlest bro, Kam, who just turned 16. Just want to have that dimpled face in front of me again and give it a mama's kiss.

My four musketeers way back when on a field trip to the Raptor Center to see the beautiful birds up close. My oh my how time flies.... my four beautiful treasures...

And last ...a bit of trivia...I used to paint murals on walls (just for me) I don't know how I found time to do it and feel like I forgot how to do it now...but here are a few photos. I'm glad I took pictures of what I did, or I would not remember what they looked like, nor believe that I ever once did this. When we thought we were going to have to move, (because of Kurt's job) I painted over ALL of them because I knew a realtor would tell me "THAT will have to go." Oh how I regret painting over the picket fence scene in my entry hall that had each of the four kid's little handprints in different colors pressed on pickets... bbwwwwahhhhh.. makes me sad... (and, no we didn't move)

see those little handprints in the far right corner? ...sob...sniff...sniff..bwah.

Well enough random craziness today. I am feeling a bit better.
I have to go meet a new client for petsitting today, so I better make up my paleface!
Thank you so much for praying for Justin, Justin, Billy, Jeff, and all the others out there sacrificing their carefree days here in America to allow us to keep them for ourselves.
God protect them.

**Before I close today, I want to thank Kim at and Dianna at for giving me the Sunshine Award in the Blogging world. I feel so very special to have been chosen by you. I am glad that you think my blog is positive and creative enough to inspire others. It gives me pleasure that any bit of news or encouragement from my corner of this big world can give others a smile or lift them up .
It IS truly amazing what a bunch of girls can do when they stick together and share kind and uplifting stories. I would just have to say that EVERY blog I visit daily gives me encouragement and smiles and touches my heart, and sometimes even tears....good tears! My blogging buddies are the best! They all deserve the SUNSHINE AWARD! HUGS to ALL of you.

Thanks for visiting and have a Sunny weekend.


billypandnikkysmom said...

Those pups look like they are ready to go explore! So cute....I love looking at everyones pictures, your boys looked like they were having some fun :) Your painting was beautiful, you should take it up again! Enjoy your sunshine!!! Blessings to you!

Dianna said...

Good morning, Julie,

Seeing a post up from you today surely has brought sunshine into my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your spring plants (envious, but not enough to think of moving away from these WV mountains!), your children (how very dear the pictures are...and I continue to pray for you to soon hear that Marine voice or receive some type of message from him), and for sharing your talent of art with us (you are truly one of the most gifted people I know, Julie), most of all for sharing your sincerely felt words with us in the world of blog. Truly He's given you the gift of encouragement.

May you be blessed with continued recovery from that nasty bug you had so that you can enjoy your family this weekend...and Kam can have a wonderful birthday celebration presented by his Mom!


Cindy Lou said...

Great Pictures and You really did good painting!! I have a few walls that need something if you ever come to Georgia!! haha!!

Have a good day!! Blessings from Georgia!!

Georgia said...

I'm glad to know you are feeling better, Julie.

I love all your pictures, and I'm like you... spring is my most favorite time of year. The jonquils around here have begun blooming, which means a new spring and a new beginning. I surely have missed the warm weather.

Well, you continue getting better and God bless you, my sweet friend!! :)

Prairiemaid said...

Stopping by to say congratulations on the Sunshine award! And I have to tell you, when I would see your picture in the comments on Dianna's blog, I would have never dreamed you were old enough to have 4 kids, one in the Marines! You look so young.

You have a lovely blog...and I am glad you heard from #1 son.