Saturday, March 7, 2009

Treasure #3 - Jonathan Kurt


And here is Treasure #3, Son #2, Jonny. :-)

This young man is our most sociable offspring. He is extroverted and thrilled to meet new people. I used to tell people that Jonny could make a grocery bag talk to him (if that were possible!) I remember (too many times to count) finding him talking to some stranger in the grocery store, at church, out on the beach, in the yard.... I would wonder who his "friend" was, and he would say, "Oh, I was just talking to them. I don't really know them." Thank goodness God has kept him, and no danger has ever arrived from his friendliness. Actually, it has served him well, as he has made many friends of all ages in his young 18 years. He has a desire to get to know people and serve them. He is "people-oriented". He is especially drawn to youth.

Jonny has never met a stranger. He will extend his hand in friendship to anyone coming his way. If he notices somebody that looks like they are "on the outside looking in" at a gathering, he will immediately go and attempt to draw them in, and make them feel welcome. There was a point in his adolescence where he stood in that position wanting to belong, and he never forgot that, and pledged to himself that he would always look for the "outsider."

Jonny came to the point in his young life, between 4 and 5, (if memory serves me correctly,) where he wanted to give his heart to Jesus, and be saved, and "go to heaven." This event never waned in excitement or joy for me, as each child prayed for salvation!

Jonny is my "sensitive son." He is the one who shares his experiences and feelings the most. He has a heart that hurts when other people hurt, gets excited when others are excited, and just yearns to share his love and relationship with Christ to others in a hurting world.

He serves on the Leadership Team at his youth ministry at Christ Covenant Church, and loves it. He is very committed to his duties. Many times, I believe he is the first one there, and almost always one of the last to leave, always talking to one more person. He enjoys his work on the Worship team working the sound board and equipment for Youth Worship.

He had an opportunity to go to Clemson University last summer and work at a camp for mentally and physically challenged youth, and just had the time of his life. I think it confirmed even more for him that he definitely wants to serve in some capacity of ministry for the Lord and in a youth-oriented service. This comes as NO surprise to us.

Right now he is thinking about college with a major in Psychology and a minor in ? an unnamed field (for right now.) He is attending Central Piedmont Community taking courses that give double credit for high school and college. He enjoys getting out and taking "outside" courses beyond his homeschooling experience.

Jonny plays the saxophone. He does well, and we enjoy listening to him practicing upstairs. When the youth have a talent show, or a Friday night "coffee-house" gathering, he more often that not will play a few tunes for the event.
He also plays around on the guitar.

He has played soccer since he was 5 years old with the SOAR sports league through our church. He played softball for our church team last spring (first time ever!) and we were proud of him for his efforts. He also played basketball for the first time ever through SOAR this winter.

He is adventurous and doesn't shrink back from trying anything new. Even "bobbing for swiss cake rolls in milk!" ewww...

He has an interest in knives, and got all 3 of his siblings interested. As a result, they all carry certain brands of "nice" knives, as well as purchases for their own personal cache. You don't want to mess with the "Dogfather."

One of Jonny's major accomplishments in the last year and a half or so, for which his dad and I are amazed, inspired, and proud of is his determination, efforts and results in losing over 70 pounds. He has become a very "in-shape," muscular, and dedicated young man who is on a specific mission to eat right, exercise, and be a disciplined man in ALL areas of his life.( I think he and Justin planned to compare themselves at the end of Justin's 13 week Boot Camp experience.) :-) We again, are I-N-S-P-I-R-E-D by one of our children, and convicted to try to emulate! Jonny has even set up a training schedule of workout exercises for me to do on Justin's training equipment upstairs!! I'm trying...

Jonny is patient. He is longsuffering, and exemplifies one who controls his anger, rarely losing his temper. He loves his brothers and sister. He is a strong prayer warrior, and they above all others should know that if they need prayer, he will be there. He is an encourager, prodding all of us to "go for it" if there is something new in front of us, but we are hesitant or unsure. His love for the Lord is obvious, and he is not self-conscious to let it be known. Kurt admires his witness for God and his desire and strength to be a brother who sharpens another brother, like iron.

We thank our God for him. We are blessed with him. We are excited to see what God is going to do through him, and where God will lead him. He is a wonderful young man, and another treasure of a son. Again, we don't deserve our children. God is an amazing "Gift-Giver."

Praise the Lord! After over a year of searching and applying, he has gotten a job and starts today! ... The 3rd of the Smith clan to join ranks with BJ's Club.

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