Sunday, March 29, 2009


My two sons are back from RENOVATUS. :-) safe and sound and very tired...
They said the retreat was Excellent!
Kameron has a bad toe from wearing wet socks the whole weekend! Jonny stayed awake the entire night last night. (expecting sleep-ins in the morning.)

It rained the whole weekend here!
But today..... the SUN came out. Hurrah.

My busted water pump is fixed on my van. Yes!
Thank you dear and wonderful hubby. I am grateful for you.

Kobe has gotten all of the baby rabbits out from under the chicken coop. Yes, a dumb bunny decided to have her babies in a yard with 4 dogs carousing about!!! :-( And of course he found this out this morning and did all of this dirty work while we were TRYING to get ready to go to church!)

The request for more $$$$ from our "UNCLE SAM" has been addressed and prayed about and mulled over, and we are taking care of that mailing tomorrow. WE are still watching and waiting to see how God will tie up all the loose ends. :-) :-) AND you will hear about it!

Kurt and I watched FIREPROOF this weekend and really were glad we did. Great movie!!

We also watched some marriage seminar dvd's on "Love and Respect" that our brother-in-law attended. They were eye-opening and EXCELLENT!!! We both are very grateful that he purchased the set and is sharing the great and motivating principles they contain. We learned some new stuff, even after (almost) 27 years!!!!!

So now our family is all back together, except for Justin, who we are constantly thinking about and praying for. We miss him. Hope he was able to write today. I'll be listening for Mailman Mike on Wednesday!!!

Blessings and Exciting Days for you this week in the Lord.


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