Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grace Sufficient For Today

I blogged yesterday about what all has happened in our home in the past 2.5 years of Kurt's journey from a job loss in '06 to a present job today.
I feel compelled to expand a little about that path we walked on...especially in the context of our husband and wife relationship.

To any of my sisters out there who may visit my blog and read this post, I want to "remind" you of something. A godly man's spiritual identity hopefully is wrapped up in His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yes? But it is no secret that a man's earthly/physical identity is tightly woven and connected to his work. His JOB. His ability to bring home a PAYCHECK. His accomplishments, his recognition, and his affirmation in the working world are vital for his wellbeing and a healthy mental attitude about himself.

Now take all of that, and put it together, and what do you think is happening to men out there who have lost their jobs, been demoted, had their hours cut, had their pay cut,
watched their own business ventures start to crumble, viewed their crashing investments for the future years, "heard" that their job is on the line, etc., etc. ?

They are shaking... and don't you believe otherwise...

Responsible men want to feel confident that they can provide. They want assurance that the money and insurance and security needed to keep their families safe and sane in this world are intact. And they feel the weight of that on their shoulders... Every day. When something happens that shakes all the little factors in that equation and their confidence gets rattled in the process, it shakes the very foundation of their manlihood!

And if you are the wife of one of those men, you are going to feel your world get shaken right along with him. And you better know right now, you need to be there for him. He is going to need to know that he is still the same man in your eyes today, that he was yesterday....BEFORE whatever rocked his boat took place. Yes, he needs to know and reaffirm that Jesus Christ is His Rock, his Fortress, His Strength for what he is facing. But what he really needs to know and feel is that you, his soulmate, are his rock-"with skin on." He needs to have no doubts about "for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health," (yes, that includes not having health insurance!)
through the good times and the hard times.... You vowed it on your wedding day, and D-day has arrived. It is your time to show him you meant it, and to let him know he is your man, job or no job. This is your time to let your little light shine like there's no tomorrow.

Being a woman of God, and a Christian helpmeet is a high calling. It is hard. It can be extremely trying. It can be soulstretching. There will be days during times such as the above that you will feel exhausted trying to keep up an optimistic outlook for tomorrow that covers yourself, your kids, and your beloved. But guess what? You already know what's coming. You have the dynamite source of strength in you to carry this out. It is Phillipians 4:13 come to life.
It is with the strength of Christ that you will be able to live one day at a time. As the sun rises each day through your turbulent times, and your own roller-coaster ride in life, you can choose not to worry about tomorrow. You can choose not to glance back at "those better days when you were in Egypt" as opposed to these present days of wandering in the wilderness, unsure of your future destination. It is a choice you can make, and you must be intentional!

Claim the truth. Your future IS intact with God. He is walking in front of you, carrying out His plans for good and not for evil. He has a future and a HOPE for you. And you need to daily confirm this to your husband. Be his cheerleader. Be his strongest supporter. Be his greatest backup runner when he wearies in this race and needs some relief. God will honor your efforts, and you will give great glory to your Lord.

Do not worry and fret to your husband about "What's going to happen? What if this? What if that?"... Do not put your fears onto his shoulders. They are NOT his to bear. You are to lay them at the feet of your bottom-line provider... Jesus Christ. Moment by moment, recommit all of your expectations to Him. God's grace is sufficient for T-O-D-A-Y. Live you believe it!
Be still...Be quiet....and wait on the Lord. Shhhhh.... Ask Him to put his arm around your shoulder and His hand over your mouth!! This is HIS time, His plan, His doing. He is going to bring good out of what "looks" bad to you. He is walking with you through the darkness. He may only give you the flickering flame of a little tiny candle to light your way, and not that spotlight beam you were hoping for. But that is where you want to be. Pulled in really close to your Lord. :-)

"My soul, wait silently for God alone. For my expectation is from Him." Psalm 62:5

"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me...." Psalm 138:8

Trust in your God. Stay in the Word. Pray hard. Count every blessing, and give praise for each one. Celebrate your family... and let your man know "YOU DA MAN!" every day in every way. Show him hope every day with that smile on your face.

Again, (you can tell music cheers me on and lifts up my soul) > a song to motivate you. (Or maybe somebody else you know) who needs to be "reminded" of her role as a helpmeet in times such as these. Blessings to all women for encouraging your sisters in the Lord. <><


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