Thursday, March 5, 2009

Treasure # 1 - Katherine Julianne


I am sitting here in my bedroom tonight writing this post, listening to the beat of a song on a distant CD. (well, not so distant, upstairs to be exact, right over my room.) That would be Number One and Only Daughter playing her music just loud enough for me to hear through the ceiling. It doesn't really bother me too much since she doesn't have any big huge subwoofer?(whatever they call them!) speakers throbbing out loud bass vibrations that shake the house. And I know that she is almost 22 years old. And I know that she is not going to be here in our house forever. And I know that when she leaves, I am going to miss her like mad.
Katherine Julianne is Katie to her family and Kat to her friends and Tater to the dogs. :-)

On July 16,1992, just before she turned the Big 5, she asked Jesus into her heart. After we had read a devotion that afternoon, she just spoke right up, very seriously, and said she wanted to be saved. What a thrill for a mama's heart! :-)

She is a beautiful young woman. She is a Millenial, according to the generation she falls into. (this fact comes from a sermon series that our pastor, Mike Ross has just finished on different generations.) She, by birthdate, is one of "the 9-11 generation," he stated. I believe she was consciously or maybe subconsciously impacted by the events of terrorism in her teen years. She is now studying Criminal Justice, and currently looking at a career as a police officer. I was surprised when she told us this was her program of study, but not dismayed. (I never would have guessed!)

She is generous to a fault. She seems to know exactly what kind of gifts to give to people to bring extreme surprise and joy. And they are never small!

She has always been wise and industrious with her money. She saved her various toy and hobby collections (new in the box) and then later sold them on eBay. She started her own pet-sitting business at 11 and had a successful customer base which she turned over to her youngest brother Kam. She had her own business (w/mom as a partner) buying children's designer label clothing (2nd hand from thrift and consignment) and reselling them also on eBay. She saves her money and comparison shops to get "the best buy for the money". She has always furnished her wardrobe from thrift store treasure hunts. She is not a "fashion-horse," and never has been interested in fads and trends, but is true to herself and what pleases her own likes and values. She has her monies invested with Scott-Trade and does not obsess over the current market trends. She is paying for her own college education, and thus works hard to make every penny count in that investment.

She is a techie. She has taken computer/computer-language courses, has built websites, knows her html backwards and forwards, solves all of our computer problems, (even when the geek squad at Best Buy couldn't!) She built her current computer for herself so that it would meet her standards and needs. She has helped neighbors, friends and family with their computer challenges and set-ups. She makes my head spin.

She is independent. She is smart. She is respectful. She is a "show me" gal. She has her FaceBook account, and freely shares her views and opinions. She is a great listener. She is a realist. She is a committed employee, and has worked at BJ's Club for over 2 years. She is studious. She keeps LATE hours studying and reading and writing to keep her 4.0 gradepoint average. She is driven to do well at whatever she does.

She loves her brothers. She is patient and helpful to them. She already misses Justin (more than she thought she would, I think) now that he has left for Parris Island...

She is my KitKat, and I love her very, very much. I am proud of her. I respect her. I wish I had some of her qualities in me!

She is Bug to her dad . She is "his girl." He, too, is very proud of her. He cries over her love for him. He cherishes her and hopes and prays for her future, and her faith, and her success.

She is our first gift of the four treasures that God gave to us. They are our joy and our pleasures.
We don't know why God allowed two broken and undeserving persons to have such beautiful arrows to put in their sorry little quiver, but we are humbled and forever grateful. We pray that by some huge measure of grace, we would be able to "shoot them out straight," and let them go, knowing that the very movements of the Holy Spirit indwelling them will have them soaring through this life, always pointed in the direction of God's destiny for each of them.

Katie is part of the heritage we would leave behind. We pray that through our mistakes, she has learned well how not to do things. We hope that through our successes, she has seen the truth that only by God is anything possible....And we claim with faith that she will know and love her God, and that what she believes about Him will shape and define and secure her for the rest of her life, even long after her mom and dad are gone.

We Love our Katie-Bug! Thank you God, for her, and what she has taught us. <><

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