Friday, March 27, 2009


Renovatus is the Latin word for "renovation."

Renovation means: the act of improving by renewing or restoring.

This weekend, March 27-29, 140 middle school and senior high students and 20 leaders from our church, Christ Covenant in Matthews, NC, are part of a 3-day spiritual retreat where the emphasis is on prayer and the greater grace of a closer walk with Christ. The theme this year is "Greater Grace" from James 4:1-10.

Please remember our students in prayer and join us as we all cry out to God for revival and restoration for our youth, our families, our churches, and our nation.

This is a local event this year.
If you know these two young men below, we would ask your prayers for them especially as they are asked to dig deep and see what God is calling them to do through their lives to have a closer walk with their Lord and impact a world in need.

Thank you!!

Kameron and Jonny on their way to Renovatus!



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