Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb....

Wow! I awoke at 5 this morning with a peal of LOUD thunder in my ears, startled out of a deep slumber. A brilliant flash of lightning that pierced the darkness of my bedroom sealed the result. Okay, I'm awake!'s the arrival of March, letting the whole world know it is here! In like a lion, indeed.

Within seconds of such a rude awakening, the very first thing that came to my mind were the words in the first verse of the song, Our God Is An Awesome God.
"There's thunder in his footsteps, and lightning in his fist..."

As I lay there in bed, (now fully awake), I pondered the power of God, the only One who could create such an amazing show across the sky every time it storms. Truly He is awesome.

When I was young, thunderstorms used to terrify me. We had an antique pump organ, and my mother would go and pump those pedals for all she was worth and play as loudly as possible, and we would sing some hymn or song she had chosen. Her attempt to "cover up" the sound effects of the storm and comfort her kids was admirable. :-)

I can't help but state the obvious. Jesus Christ came as the Lamb, the perfect sacrifice for our sins the first time. But His second coming....He will come like the Lion. When the trumpets sound and the lightning is flashing, and the skies are turbulent, He will return. Will there be thunder in His footsteps and lightning in His fist as He returns in His triumph? Will we be slumbering and caught unaware, startled out of a lethargic faith? Will we be afraid? Or will we be ready and waiting?

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Cyndie said...

Absolutely a joy to see you on here and get to know you better through your words:)! Welcome to the world of blogging:)! Be cafeful - it's addictive:)!

Love you!